Established in 1992, Beging grew into one of the leading regional architectural practices

We run a multi-disciplinary practice which includes urban planning, architecture, interior design and refurbishments.

Founded as a small family business, we have grown steadily with our clients over the years.

During that time we have developed designs and managed supervision for some of the most important buildings in the region and have expanded our design practice internationally.

We aim to develop innovative designs with clear compositional logic, bearing in mind careful consideration of the surroundings

Our expertise enables us to follow the project from its initial concept to the completion, while we strive to see how the whole picture reflects in the details.

We rely on ongoing conversations with our client in order to construct design tailored to various client needs and adaptable to potential changes.


A creative-driven team of 20 architects, structural and MEP engineers is working closely from the start of the project because we believe in an integrated approach to the building design

We can provide original and client-specific solutions for any challenge that might occur during the design and construction process.

Using our knowledge we provide a sustainable design that will reflect client wishes within target budgets..

Architecture Team

Maja Derajić


Srđan Derajić


Gordana Spasić Derajić


Bogdan Ivaniš


Dubravka Joksić


Ana Tošić


Jovanka Gojković


Marija Pilčević


Igor Lazović


Lazar Simić


Stella Maris Latinović


Engineering Team

Spasoje Derajić

M.Sc.C.E. - Structural Engineer

Jovan Bojčić

M.Sc.C.E. - Structural Engineer

Dragana Antonić

M.Sc.C.E. - Structural Engineer

Maja Stjepanović

M.Sc.C.E. - Structural Engineer

Nemanja Jakovljević

M.Sc.C.E. - Structural Engineer

Civil Engineering &
MEP Team

Jovana Pantić

M.Sc.C.E. - Civil Engineer

Danica Cvetković

M.Sc.C.E. -Water Supply Engineer

Predrag Marinković

M.Sc.Mechanical Engineer

Slavko Milanov

M.Sc.Electrical Engineer

Milan Kolundžija

M.Sc.Electrical Engineer

Nikola Bajić

M.Sc.E.E. - Telecommunication Systems

Administration & Support Team

Ivana Živković

Business Administration

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