Multifunctional congress center

City of Banja Luka
Banja Luka, BiH
32.000 sqm

Multifunctional hall and congress center in Banja Luka

The compositional setting of the building consists of 3 basic volumes, a base, a multi-storey building and a tower. The base has three floors, multi-storey 7 floors and the tower is 13 floors high. The total gross area of the above-ground part is 25.000 m², the underground area is around 7.000 m2. The base includes a concert and congress center, a small hall, a theater, a rehearsal hall for the Philharmonic and accompanying facilities. Above them is a multi-storey tract where the employees' premises are located, which serves the contents of the multifunctional center - a house for artists. The third unit is a tower. The tower was created as a result of a program request for a future business expansion. The lower part would continue to the facilities on the ground floor, with commercial - public floors, and the rest is business space where there is capacity to organize a future financial center. The size of the tower makes the building one of the city's visual landmarks, such as the government building.


Preliminary design

Congress center, Theatre, Artists Center, Business center

Competition entry

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